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System Features

  • The Front End (Development Tool) of the Software is Visual Basic.
  • The Back End (Database) is the most commercial MS SQL Server.
  • This system will operate on a Multi User, Client/Server Architecture ensuring very high data security.
  • Thanks to the large data holding capacity of SQL database and very much optimized connection method of our application, we maintain years of records on-line, to provide better management information and fast retrieval of historical data.
  • Our application does not maintain Client-Server Connection full-time. It retrieves record sets in "Batch Optimistic" method

  • Which VB offers and drops the connection. When updating, having established the connection again, the record sets are forwarded to the server.

  • Then the connection is dropped again, minimizing load on the server in large scale.

  • As a result of this optimizing technology you may introduce 10 times more clients than in conventional environment.

What is Systolic?

  • Systolic is a patient care system including patient care management functions, clinical management function, resource management function support service management function with robust security and IS functions.

  • Refer system module for further details.

Director at HBT Systems (Pvt). Ltd

    Faiz Rahmathulla